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What About Barcelona?!

Updated: May 14

So in September I moved to Barcelona, for real and for a (hopefully) long long time.

Why Barcelona? I really have something with Spain, I studied in Madrid for 7 months,

I did a 3-month internship in Ibiza and I might have some Spanish blood.

I just love everything about this country; the culture, the people, the food, the movies, the music... like really; everything.

I chose for Barcelona because of the climate, the dynamic and who knows the opportunities.

I am very excited for this new life, I'm hoping on a lot of new challenges and to grow with my Photography. I want to concentrate more on Fashion and Events; ideally I evolve in the Fashion-Event Photo Industry.

Since I arrived, I organised a couple of Fashion Editorials. One has been published in Picton Magazine, an other in Pap-Magazine. I did two other testshoots for model agencies; View Management and Line-up Models.

There are so many possibilities here; the light in Barcelona is awesome, there's green, there's the sea, the city with the typical BCN streets..

I'm mostly taking advantage of having the beach but the mountains and nature are just around the corner !

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