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What About (Men) FashionWeek?!

Updated: May 14

The beginning of 2020 started for me with my first experience of Men Fashion Week in Paris.

I've never done menswear and I have to admit I really enjoyed it! I could only do 3 days so I did some streetstyle at Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Givenchy, JW Anderson, Valentino, Heron Preston and Sankuanz. I also had the chance to shoot the presentation of Walter Van Beirendonck (who's Belgian by the way!), which was completely offset but very interesting and fun.

Fashion Week means running around all the time, chasing the people and going from using the metro, to the bus, to a scooter etc. We -as in "the photographers"- have to be at shows in time, shoot as much as we can and we can't -or don't want to- miss the important persons.

The pictures have to be send to the agencies the same day so there's not a lot of sleep to get neither.

I actually really like it, it gives me some kind of adrenaline, but also happiness when I get THAT picture or person ! I am mostly doing some streetstyle mixed with portraits.

At the beginning I didn't know a lot about influencers or even famous people, now I feel I'm kinda getting in to it and recognise them more & more. Although with the Men Fashion Week it was harder because I mostly know the women. Also there are soooo many celebrities, influencers, bloggers.. It's impossible to know and recognise them all !

With this Fashion Week I had to chance to cross paths and photograph Bella Haddid, J Balvin and Tyga; I literally ran for some of these pictures.

It's long days, a -mega- active week & a ton of retouches, but I think it's really worth it.

I'll be back in Paris for the Women Fashion Week in February. Would you like another Blog post about that? Let me know !

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