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Fashion Photography - Editorials for Magazines

Here you can find different Fashion Editorials published in magazines like Flanelle Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Picton Magazine, GMARO, PAP Magazine, Boyfriend Magazine ...

If you are a small or a bigger fashion brand, contact me to talk about your project !

Fashion Week

Covering fashion weeks in New York and Paris.

Photos of Spring Summer & Autumn Winter Season from

2018 until now. 

I love chasing celebrities and/or the new fashion trends at fashion week. 

Fashion Week in New York & Paris
Bella Hadid Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton Charlotte Deckers Photography
Lillet Glass Event Photography Charlotte Deckers


Events & Weddings

Let's talk about your happening to create a visual story together. My event photography style is spontaneous and captured in the moment ! 

I capture the atmosphere and emotions of weddings, birthdays and other social events but also corporate events, team buildings, networking events etc.

Everything is possible, even more! 


Immo & Hotels

Contact me for your Interior photos; for your agency, interior design, architecture, hotel, beauty salon ... 

I dispose of all the necessary material, so I can capture light and spaces the right way.

I use a creative and minimalistic style for my interior photography.

Interior Photograph Living Room Photography Charlotte Deckers

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