• Charlotte Dk

Balcony Stories

Since the beginning I am trying to not express myself too much about the COVID19 situation, as we only hear talking about this lately. But it also affects me, so I'll just explain briefly my situation and share a little series I made during this period.

On the personal side is this lockdown very hard for me, as I am a very dynamic person, traveling often, being outside & with friends etc. The most difficult is to not know what's next, when it's ending and when I could see my family & friends.

On the professional side, it's very complicated, as a photographer I shoot a lot outside with natural light for portraits and fashion. Going outside wasn't allowed, and the demands dropped 100%. On the other hand, all my events and weddings for spring/summer have been postponed until later. So still don't know when I could go back to work and working normally again.

After a month without making any pictures, I started with some shots taken from my balcony; some street scenes like people coming back from grocery shopping, walking their dog out, biking etc. If you are following me on instagram (@charlotte.deckers), you've already seen some of this series but I wanted to share more here. I call it "Balcony Stories" as for me, every photo tells a story and I am shooting from my 2m2 balcony (so not that much space). I am kind of limited in my angles and views, so I tried to be creative and find some different framings and situations while keeping the appearing persons anonymous. Just waiting until something happened or showed up and being discreet as it could be weird seeing someone on a balcony photographing people with a 70-200mm (zoom lens).

Enough blabla, let's have a look at these Balcony Stories ! Enjoy the pictures and don't hesitate to let me know what you think about it, by sending me an email or commenting your favourite one on instagram.


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