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  • Charlotte Dk

From Photographer to Yogi

In January 2020 I enjoyed my first yoga training with my best friend Dakota, who created Deforce Yoga. My first impressions weren't the same as my experience from now. I realised yoga is active but relaxing at the same time, it's a moment for yourself & your body. In March she started online classes, since that moment I follow them 1 to 3 times a week and I started loving yoga! Now, almost a year later, I feel my body needs it. After an hour of practice, I really feel super relaxed, toned and satisfied. Even if I'm more a fitness & cardio type of person;  in Dakota’s vinyasa yoga class you also sweat and work your core and muscles of your body. It's the perfect match of exercising, stretching and feeling in balance. Our body can only appreciate a good practice of yoga.

So why this article?

Well, first of all to promote my dear friend because she's the best ! ;) She proposes online group & private classes in French, English and Dutch, and real life sessions in Belgium.

Check out her website and contact her directly to talk about your objectifs & yoga goals.

Secondly, because I want to share some other type of photos I create. I take all Dakotas' professional photos; we organize a yoga shoot from time to time to keep her social media up to date with some cool new photos.

So now you know I'm not only a fashion photographer, I also shoot portraits and who knows might even become a sport photographer ;)

I've also realised a photo shoot for Leser; an upcoming yoga fashiin brand in Barcelona.

Hope you enjoyed this article with its photos, let me know by e-mail!

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