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What About Barcelona as a Fashion Photographer

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

So last September I moved to Barcelona, for real and for a (hopefully) long long time.

Why Barcelona? I really have something with Spain, I studied in Madrid for 7 months

and I did a 3-month internship in Ibiza. I also think I might have some Spanish blood because

I just love everything about this country; the culture, the people, the food, the movies, the music... like really; everything.

I chose for Barcelona because of the climate, the dynamism and who knows the opportunities.

I am very excited for this new life, I'm hoping on a lot of new challenges and to grow as a fashion photographer. I want to concentrate on fashion and event photography; ideally I evolve in the fashion-event photo industry.

Since I arrived, I organised a couple of Fashion Editorials. One has been published in Picton Magazine, an other in Pap-Magazine. I did two other testshoots for model agencies; View Management and Line-up Models.

There are so many possibilities here; the light in Barcelona is awesome, there's green, there's the sea & the beach, the city with the typical BCN streets.. I'm mostly taking advantage of having the beach but the mountains and nature are just around the corner !

I am just starting here in Barcelona as a fashion photographer, so an update will come later when things will have changed :)

For Line-up Models

For View Management

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